Prof. Navakanta Bhat
Tel: 080-22933312
Email: navakant@iisc.ac.in


Program Advisor
Prof. SA Shivashankar
Tel: 080-22933323
Email: shivu@iisc.ac.in

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava
CeNSE, IISc, Bengaluru-560012
Tel: 080-23603281, 23600209
Email: sanjeevs@iisc.ac.in

I-STEP program is intended as a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology with researchers and professionals from various countries so that they will be able to initiate R&D work in these domains in their respective institutions at home. This will be done through a series of well-designed lectures, interspersed with hands-on training in the state-of-the-art facilities at CeNSE, IISc, Bengaluru, India. The various interactions can catalyse collaborations with Indian labs as well as among the participants.


  • To conduct workshops for dissemination of knowledge in the field of Nanoelectronics.
  • To impart hands-on training in Nanoelectronics to researchers from different countries.
  • To assist researchers from these countries with initiation of their research projects in Nanoelectronics by enabling their execution at CeNSE.
  • To provide a platform for researchers in Nano-electronics to come together and benefit from complementary expertise.

Details of Upcoming Training Courses:
  1. Introductory Training Course in Nanofabrication Technologies (Feb 04 - 24, 2020) >> Program Schedule
  2. Special Course on Science Technology and Innovation Policy for Ecuadorian Universities (Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2020) >> Program Schedule